LDN - Notting Hill Carnival

This is my first post in English and I'm kind of nervous about that. Please forgive me for any mistakes, I'm still practising my English skills.

Some weeks ago was Notting Hill Carnival here in London. On Sunday I went there with some friends and was overwhelmed by all the colorful dressed people, loud music and mixes of several smells. We overslept a little and so we just got to see the end of the parade. Actually, we were bumping right into it while crossing the street. From one moment to the other we found ourselves between dazzling colors and feathers. A second after an angry security guide came up to us gesticulating vividly. He told us quite clearly that we should move until we were behind the barrier rope and squeezed us into the crowd of visitors.
It was an extremely hot day and we were dressed completely wrong because, honestly, you don't expect temperatures like this in London in September. The crowd of people lets us get very tired and so we went home after a few hours and eating grilled corn on the cob. It was a great experience and a fantastic day!

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