Really Rich

Everyone wants to be loved
To use your travel when you're young
Seen the earth's not flat but it's downhill
It's worth more than money ever will

Doing what you'll like is freedom
But liking what you do is key
It's a shame that when you're older
The more you start acting your age
The world is a book and
You don't travel, you read only one page

Not everyone will understand
That leaving and change go hand in hand
It's not their journey that makes sense only when it's yours
So go on explore the great outdoors

There's always an excuse
Stop telling yourself those white lies
You aren't really rich 'til
You have something that money can't buy

If I ever grow up
I wanna know the value of things and not the price
What I wanna say is
That it's a lie that you've got to compromise
(Really Rich - Milow)

skirt | zara
  pullover | new look
     coat | mohito
       necklace | bijou brigitte
    backpack | stradivarius

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